Ne'Ne's- Hawaii's Most Loved Bird

I was watching the full moon, well, I was trying to see it. It was the first one of December. The clouds were thick and immovable. I knew they would part so I parked my bike along the beach, opened a beer, and waited. An image of a goose filled with moonlight in the crevices of the clouds, and turned into what I thought resembled a waterfall.

Last year I was living here. It is a glacial lake in Alaska called "Kenai." My neighbors were moose, bluejays, magpies, eagles, and grizzlies. The mountain in the picture is called, Sheep Mountain. Behind it is the glacier that forms Kenai lake. It is called, "Mother Goose Glacier." Geese are sacred creatures and I wasn't surprised to see it in the sky turning into a waterfall with moonlight.

So when I saw the Ne'Ne being chased by a newly mobile baby at the park, I made a mental note to make a video of these cute birds. I also thought of how appropriate it was to see the children playing with the geese.

Here's to the moon and mother goose, and the beautiful Ne'Ne!

January 14 2022, Reeds Bay Beach, Hilo, HI

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