Entering through a Red Sky

Updated: Jan 12

December 6, 2021

Where to begin a blog about traveling to an entirely foreign world? I feel that the plane flights might be an interesting story, but the most remarkable thing I've seen from the window of an airplane happened to be on my arrival to Hilo, Hawaii. Since there is no way to capture it with a camera I didn't even bother to get mine out my bag. I watched.

It was a 6 am flight, and we were moving from Honolulu to the Big Island. Everything was black outside, but then a streak of red light ran horizontally across the wing of the plane. I thought it artificial light, until I saw it didn't move; it became bigger.

It was the dawn opening the clouds and we were flying through it as red changed to purple. The ocean had giant lazy clouds hovering closely over it, and a boat floated along to reveal where the sky and ocean met. (animation of painting coming soon.)

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