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Annemarie would refer to herself as a perpetual student of the Universe. The inspiration for her works reflects her love of Nature-and also reveals the fact that Nature is her favorite artist.

Studying the sculptures of Water and Time, the geometry of Life, and the mathematical patterns of atoms to molecules, Annemarie brings these subtleties of order's beauty into painted works. Finding new ways to involve these ideas into a medium, She enjoys utilizing various techniques including: the occultation of a painting using shadow (or one may say, "using Light," to reveal the painting), using Earth's elements to paint with (the ocean in a painting contains the real ocean water), incorporating hidden messages by painting over previous paintings, and using elements of Nature to bring the viewer closer to the subject matter (such as using sea-shells, ferns, wood, rocks, or sand.)

Annemarie believes that creating is something we all do as an act of human nature. A thought's manifestation into an act or word reflects the intricate design of consciousness and imagination.She would describe this self-evident fact because it is easy to forget just how complex the mind is. She makes art as an essential part of her connection to the world.

Words are bound by definitions, but art is a higher form of expression for the meanings of the ineffable. With a pen or a paint brush, the page holds an infinite door to another world about to be created. Usually (99% of the time), she does not repeat her art. Creating a piece is a life-changing and time consuming journey. Most of her art is an Ode to Time or Nature.

Since art is the only form of freedom for her to express the beauty of thought, it is air to her. There are a lot of ways to indulge the mind, but expressing it has become a rare moment in this Age.

Annemarie thus creates her art by hand to remind one that there are still natural forms of thought and expression with the mind.

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